Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good-bye Roy?

If it does indeed happen, if he does really get traded, it will be hard to see Roy Halladay go. Very hard.

As Jays fans, we've been treated to watching the best pitcher in baseball the last five years, and our admiration for him - his demeanor, his work ethic and talent - is considerable.

But ultimately, moving him is necessary.

If you want to watch one great start every fifth day, keeping Halladay makes sense. If your goal is to play more than 162 games a year (Hello Playoffs, you may not remember us but we're the Toronto Blue Jays!), trading 'Doc' for multiple prospects is the only way to make it happen.

If the Jays could get Manny Parra and prospects Alcides Escobar (SS) and Matt Gamel (3B) from the Brewers (or a similar-type package from someone else) in exchange for Halladay ( writer Jon Heyman speculates)...that would be awesome. It might even save J.P. Riccardi his job. Seriously. An infield of Aaron Hill, Escobar, Gamel and possibly Adam Lind (after next year when Overbay's contract runs out, or sooner if Overybay is also traded) would be very promising and just as importantly, under contract control the next few years. That means cheap.

A rotation featuring any five of Ricky Romero, Sean Marcum, Dustin McGowan, Jesse Litsch, Brett Cecil, Scott Richmond and Manny Parra (again all are under team contract control) would offer depth to protect against injury, and on paper appears very solid overall.

Obviously Vernon Wells and Alex Rios, because of their contracts, are going to be in Toronto for the foreseeable future (2014 if you're actually counting, but I wouldn't recommend it) and have to factor into any equation, but it's not like they aren't talented players. Both still have the potential and ability to bounce back, to perform like they did prior to receiving a combined $196 million. No really, they do. It could happen.

Even with the Pop-Up artist (Wells) and the Strike-out artist (Rios) eating up over $30 million a year going forward, the group discussed above along with Travis Snider completing the outfield, makes the Toronto roster look a lot like the Tampa Bay team that began developing a couple years ago.

And that is a good thing. A very good thing. The Rays have shown fellow A.L. East fodder (hello Baltimore and Toronto) how to compete with the Yankees and Red Sox, and guess what? It's not by trying to spend with them! After years of wasting money on free agents in hopeless efforts to keep up with their free-spending big brothers, throwing away millions on players who were never going to be the difference between making or missing the playoffs, Tampa finally tried something different. Of course all the top-end draft picks helped them, but still, they proved the way to sneak past the Yanks and Sox and into the playoffs isn't by spending. It's by developing. Push through as many high-end prospects and break them all in at the same time. Let them build and grow together, experience the ups and downs of Major League baseball, and then cross your fingers it works out.

Oh, and maybe hire a new-age goofy-looking but strategically sound manager to run the team. Just a hunch.


  1. well csj, after this years miserable showing by the the "franchise duo" i am going to have to agree that dealing doc is the best thing for the organization. Having said that, they need to deal him now! next year will not garner the same package as dealing him this year. What frightens me most is that JP (more on him later) still thinks this team has a chance at competing next year! IMO you will never win if you don't have a power hitting first baseman. Lyle Overbay is a waste of time and money. 7.5 millionish???? This leads me to comment on your idea of Lind in he infield. I think thats the solution and i hope they are thinking that too. He is young and athletic and should be easily converted to a first baseman (think tigers/cabrera last year) which would open up room for a big bat at DH and pick up a left fielder that can also hit.

    I notice Rolen is not in your infeild and i have thought (wells just a homer as i am writing this--seriously) that perhaps now is the time to shop him aswell. perhaps wrapped with Halladay. IMO, i think Rolen is a stud, but he is up after next year and right now his value is a high as it will ever be.

    I could go on for hours here but in summation JP has no chance at saving his job. Roys talent should not erase the contracts that have put the future of this organization into serious question. Getting good players in return for Roy is a given. JP has nearly sunk this team and we should all pray that the little rat weasel can get this trade done in the next week or these contracts may in fact sink this team for many years. This trade is the only hope, outside of Rogers opening the vault and thats not gonna happen even with the strong dollar. (another topic altogether). Trade doc now or the Jays are screwed. how sad is that.


  2. and a little more..........i want doc in the NL. so brewers trade mentioned in your post sounds good. I like DOC, Wells, Barahas to LA for Kershaw, Martin, Kemp. Jays have to eat some of wells salary too. Dreaming i know.

    We need some canadian content. Hypothetical question.
    Would you trade Doc for Votto, Morneau or Bay straight up? If so which one and why?


  3. For Votto or Morneau in a heart-beat, because they have longer contracts, but not for Bay because he is a free agent after the year. You probably need to get multiple pieces for Roy anyways if you are really gonna change the direction of the franchise.