Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Program Notice

I never saw this as a blog.

It was always a place for me to post my "articles". I'm young(ish), but I'm old school at heart. I didn't want to blog, I wanted to write as if I were applying for a job as a sports columnist. And I did.

I wanted to write for For years I sent them my stories and tried to sell them on their need to hire me as a "super-fan" columnist. They never bit, and so I turned here. Reluctantly.

And I posted articles once a week, stuck to my format, and continued to swim against the trend. Like I said, I'm old school. I was the last guy to get a cell phone. Everyone tells me I need to be on Twitter.

Instead, I continued to tell myself that I could make it happen. I went to school with a lot of these media guys, and look, Eric Duhatschek just told his audience what I've been preaching for years. I was mindful of my criticism, style and content, all with an eye towards something bigger and better.

And while I had this little sabbatical from this space the last couple of months, I realized that I didn't miss the writing. At least not the work I was putting into it. I love sports. I mean, I really love them. The pressure, the stats, the drama. I love cap numbers and sabermetrics. I love the Leafs and Jays, the Raps and Bombers, but I never wear "the goggles". I love the world juniors, NFL Sundays, the baseball playoffs, and the PGA Tour.

What I really missed was talking sports with my friends. I've moved around to a few different places, and each time I've had to leave behind a great group of guys. Sure, we can always text. But "pti was awwsum today" just doesn't cut it.

I never saw this as a blog. Now, this is a blog.


  1. Funny that I checked in today and you had something posted. I was wondering what happened to CSJ. For what it's worth I always enjoyed your articles. You should still keep this space as a spot to bash the Leafs/praise the Wings.


  2. Datsyuk - here I thought you had gone tough guy after you drop the gloves for the first time ever last week, but then you leave this mushy message.

    I appreciate it. Will definitely keep the space open, and updated. Just going to do it in a different way.

  3. Nice to read again from the CSJ! Your articles were greatly missed and your blog is now officially the first blog I will follow. Cheers

  4. Keep your head up Ev. Don't be discouraged by these media politics. You've got the talent brother keep reaching for the stars.


  5. Whoa whoa whoa CSJ. You've got a legion of fans who follow your insights. I am amoung your biggest of fans and always look forward to a good CSJ ARTICLE.

    Keep doing your own thing and screw the media douchebags who have zero original thought or insight.


  6. glad you're back - was missing your insightful / entertaining raptors analysis